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courtney & brent

Courtney and Brent met at University of Georgia and have been living in different parts of the country while they finish up their schooling. They are the sweetest couple with class to match. They will be living in Arizona but Courtney wanted an elegant and vintage wedding in Tallahassee, the town she grew up in....

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melissa & mike

Mike and my husband were college buddies. He is the funniest guy with the best personality. I definitely always look forward to seeing him. He and Melissa were introduced to one another through mutual friends back in 2008 and their first “official” date was our wedding! Melissa is so sweet and easy going. We are...

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alissa & sky

Alissa was turning 26 back in October and she had decided that she and her brother were going to run in the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. One mile for each year, not too bad. Her boyfriend Sky went along for the trip. Good thing he did. They decided to take the train to the...

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emily & bj

Emily and BJ are getting married in less than two months and she is definitely one cool customer! All the wedding day details seem to be coming together nicely and they suit one another just perfectly. They are the most adorable couple and made this engagement session pretty simple. We met up at the Westcott...

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